“Guilty Pleasures” @ Incubator Gallery | 56 Bogart

At the Incubator Gallery in Bushwick, “Guilty Pleasures” is a group show open Sundays through June 2024, featuring an eclectic mix of artworks that delve into our secret fascinations. Among the artists, Dasha Bazanova stands out with her intriguing blend of painting and ceramics, all tied to themes of extraterrestrial encounters.

Bazanova’s contribution includes three paintings with alien motifs: one shows the aurora borealis over a cow pasture, while another depicts flying saucers attacking the U.S. Capitol. These works, framed in her unique, organic ceramic designs, suggest an otherworldly origin, aligning with the exhibition’s exploration of hidden fantasies.

Her large ceramic wall piece of an alien mummy nods to recent sensational news claims, tapping into society’s fascination with the bizarre. Additionally, Bazanova’s “Social Club Tubs”—whimsical ceramic scenes featuring mermaids and characters in animated displays—reflect modern social quirks. A ceramic bear on hind legs completes her display, evoking both fear and curiosity.

Through these playful and eerie works, Bazanova effectively engages with the theme of “Guilty Pleasures,” inviting viewers to explore their own hidden fascinations with the extraordinary.

Catch Dasha Bazanova’s intriguing pieces at “Guilty Pleasures” every Sunday in June 2024 at Incubator Gallery, 56 Bogart, Bushwick.